Health and Nutrition Coaching with Lisa

I’m Lisa and I’m a Functional Nutritionist with a background in chemistry and biochemistry. 

My focus is liver health, nutrient absorption, hormone balance, detox and weight loss. I’m here to support you on your unique health journey. 

I believe in getting to the root cause whether that’s nutritional, physical, emotional or spiritual.

I offer single functional nutrition sessions and a 3 month coaching program.

Candidates for my program have some of the following symptoms and challenges:

Hormone imbalances

Fatty liver

MTHFR variation

Gallstones or no gallbladder

Can’t lose weight

Trouble sleeping

Have had several stressful life events

Are confused about what to eat

Are willing to put in time and effort to change their health

Health Coaching Options

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Single Sessions

In my half hour functional nutrition consult I’ll give you guidance on foods, supplements and lifestyle activities to help you reach your health goals.  

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12 Week Mini Transformation

3 months of guidance, support and accountability. 

In this 12 Week Mini Transformation you will get:
– Customized health plan
– 4 week meal plan + coaching to create your own meal plans
– weekly 15 minute check-ins for 12 weeks
– text and email access for additional support
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