Health and Nutrition with Lisa

Hey there!  I’m Lisa!  

Functional Nutritionist with bachelor’s of science degree in chemistry and minor in biochemistry.  

I help women reverse fatty liver, dissolve gallstones, improve metabolism and thyroid by teaching you how to support MTHFR/methylation through diet and lifestyle activities.  

Can’t Lose Weight No Matter What You Do?

Watch this video about what you may be doing wrong and how to turn on fat-burning mode.

This video is from Metabolism Tuneup for MTHFR online course where you learn how to improve your metabolism to lose weight.  

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Included in the Guide:

  • What MTHFR and methylation is
  • Why MTHFR is important
  • What happens when methylation is impaired
  • How to get tested for an MTHFR variation
  • 5 ways to support MTHFR/methylation

Self-Paced Online Courses

Do you suffer from having no energy, brain fog, and cold hands and feet?  Or do you have hormone imbalances, fibroids and fibrocystic breasts? My Iodine course can teach you how to safely supplement with iodine.

Do you have gallstones, gallbladder sludge or no gallbladder? Take my gallbladder course and learn how to optimize your gallbladder, liver and bile flow.

Do you have a sluggish liver, fatty liver or high liver enzymes?  Take my Liver Course to help reverse fatty liver disease.

Do you struggle to lose weight?  Take my Metabolism course that can help you balance hormones, reduce cortisol, improve liver detox and raise your metabolism.

3 Month Private Coaching Program

Get targeted strategies and weekly support to start getting to the root of your health challenges. 

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