Client Agreement
The purpose of the Client Agreement is to establish a clear and loving partnership, full of good energy and good intentions, between Lisa Winbourn and Client.
Lisa works in partnership with Client, along with his or her medical doctor and/or medical team to provide support and guidance in the Clients health journey.
Lisa’s services do not substitute for medical care and makes no claims to diagnose, prevent, treat, cure or heal.
It is advised that Client should consult his or her doctor before implementing Lisa’s health improvement strategies.
Lisa provides education and suggestions for supporting body systems in accordance with the natural design and functionality of the body. 
Lisa seeks to empower the client to take control of their own health and to understand how his or her body works based on the latest scientific research.
Results are based on many variables and factors. Results are not guaranteed and will depend on the degree to which the client takes ownership of his or her health and implements health strategies, tools and activities. 
The client will implement ideas based on his or her discretion and the approval of his or her doctor.
Services that Lisa provides to Client include suggestions for daily routines, foods that support a healthy body, gentle activities, suggestions for nutrients, supplements and activities that support stress reduction and mental health, according to her functional nutrition training and the latest scientific research.
If client purchases ongoing monthly support services, Lisa and client will have weekly calls or group coaching calls that include review of the clients plan and or additional health coaching in which Lisa may encourage, educate and offer additional tools and information that the client may choose to implement. 
Colorado state laws governing health coaching apply.
If the client lives in the following states: Iowa, Georgia, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, South Dakota, Montana, Nebraska, Ohio, Florida, Mississippi,  Alabama, Delaware, or Maryland, Lisa will make suggestions to improve health based on the client’s general archetype and not on specific client information.
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