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Finding people is tough these days.  Especially people that have your same health and political views.

The pool dynamics have changed and the gap separating us has gotten wider.  

We have become fragmented and isolated as the old ways of meeting people are no longer serving us.  We find ourselves living on our own little islands, feeling lonely and longing for relationship.  We need connection with other people.  

Love and social connection are  important components of good mental health, which then influences physical health.

As a health coach, I hear from you daily about the need for finding love and connecting with like minded people, whether that be for love, friendship or companionship.

Introducing my Matchmaking Service

Fill out the form below with information about you and what you are looking for.  This service is currently in development so your patience is required as matchmaking systems are evaluated. For now, get in the data base and watch for emails on next steps.

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