Women’s Hormone Guide and 4 Week Meal Plan

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Meet your hormones! ┬áLearn how each hormone plays a role in your energy, mood and cravings. Learn how to support each one at the right time of the month and how to balance your hormones at any stage in your life – reproductive, peri menopause and menopause.

Topics in this ebook include:

  • What is hormone balance
  • Learn about the natural and beautiful fluctuations in the female menstrual cycle
  • How hormonal birth control influences your hormones
  • How to re-establish your cycle
  • What happens to hormones in perimenopause
  • How to balance hormones if you’ve had a hysterectomy
  • Lifestyle factors that affect hormones
  • Nutrients for hormone balance
  • 4 week hormone balancing meal plan (easy, delicious, gluten-free, paleo, kid-friendly)
  • Recipes for the 4 week meal plan (gluten free, animal protein based, 3o-minute meals. Examples: Chicken Curry with Cauliflower, Steak Chimichurri with Roasted Veggies)
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