Imagine waking up rested, with energy and excited to start your day! Imagine being in control of your mind and body instead of it controlling you.  Imagine knowing how to support your mental and physical health with the right foods, supplements, activities, and mindset shifts.

Are you struggling with fatigue, brain fog, moodiness or weight loss resistance?

Or do you feel like something is off and you don’t know what it is or how to fix it?

Are you motivated to make some changes and put in effort to understand more about how your body works?

You are not alone.  The modern medical system and the health experts have completely failed us when it comes to teaching us how to take care of our bodies.  More and more people are feeling like they have lost control of their health and don’t know what to do to get it back.  

But what if you could learn the secrets to high energy and high frequency health and you could learn how to support your body at the root level so you can have the energy you want, lose the weight, and feel amazing. 

Topics Include

Stress resilience

Improving sleep

Balancing hormones

Increasing energy

Weight loss

Improve mood

Reduce anxiety

Immune system

Mental health


Sexuality and Sexual Health

This is for  people who are motivated to:

  • Make some changes to their eating habits
  • Add supplementation
  • Do the simple activities that I provide (outside of the group sessions)
  • Are willing to change their mindset, routines and habits.

Imagine more energy, more mental clarity, reduced inflammation, and stubborn weight finally coming off.

Imagine loving your body and feeling good about yourself.

Imagine having less cravings, anxiety or that feeling like something is off. 

Learn the tools and knowledge to be able to address these problems for good.

High Frequency Health Group Coaching

8 week program starts the Week of September 18th. 

There will be one Zoom call per week on Tuesday Nights at 8pm. 

Each zoom will be approximately 60-90 minutes

45-60 min of teaching and 30 minutes of discussion and questions

Bonus: Free 1 hour 1:1 Functional Nutrition Session ($75 value)

Cost for 8 week program: $195

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